Review - Emily and The Strangers

*This comic was sent to me by the publisher in exchange for a honest review*

Title: Emily and The Strangers
Author: Rob Reger, Mariah Huehner & Emily Ivie
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Release Date: May 27th 2014

My Rating:

In order to win a legendary haunted guitar, Emily is determined to create the most rockin' song the world has ever known!

But can she do it solo?

Emily isn't known for playing well with others, but she's going to have to rely on the help of some strangers if she's going to succeed on her musical journey to the true heart of rock 'n' roll!

Emily the Strange creator Rob Reger teams up with co-writer Mariah Huehner (True Blood, Angel) and artist Emily Ivie (The Locked Maze, Rotsterarsil) for a brand-new, full-color Emily the Strange mini-series full of troublemaking cats, mad science, new friends, and killer guitar riffs!

My Thoughts

I've read comics from 'Emily The Strange' a few years back and I must say that I absolutely loved them. This comic on the other hand was different from what I've read since it gave Emily a test... work with others.

It was really funny to see her try to work with other people and not be in control all the time.

As I have said before I read some of the 'old' Emily The Strange comics and I noticed that the art in this comic was a bit different from the previous ones. It had a softer feel to it and it looks amazing.

As most comics do, 'Emily and The Strangers' has a pretty objective plot. Emily must learn how to work with other people in order to win a band show, and that's exactly what happens. It does not have any weird twists on it nor any dramatic moments. But then again, this is a comic and it's directed to kids/young adults.

This comic provides a positive message to kids or anyone really. You can be strange and not be afraid to show it and you also must accept others in their own way. Give them a chance and you may be surprised with the results.

Funny and beautiful I think I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good comic.

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