2017 Goals

Last year, in terms of reading goals, wasn't so bad. I mean I read 56 books surpassing my 50 goal and I read, if I'm not mistaken 20 of my physical books. Other than that I failed completely ahahah

Anyhow, new year new goals, so for this year I decided that I'd like to:

✎ Try to read more than I read last year (56 books)
✎ Blog more and better
✎ Comment more on other blogs and make new book-loving friends
✎ Read bigger books (I have developed a fear for those)
✎ Read more of my physical books
✎ Decrease my tbr ( I don't know how much, I just want to get it down a bit)
✎ Finish/Catch Up to all the series I'm in the middle of
✎ Read More Fantasy

When it comes to challenges, I don't necessarily need to complete the entirety of them (besides the goodreads one) but I'd like to complete most of their prompts. So I'll be joining the:

❖ Goodreads Challenge (I set it at 50 books)
❖ Beat The Backlist
❖ Around The Year in 52 Books
❖ Popsugar Challenge

I will not pre-make a tbr for each of the challenges because I want to do it monthly.

So what are yout 2017 reading goals?

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